Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· joshbeitler

Supercharge your next Meteor app

Meteor is really awesome for creating apps that would normally take weeks or months in hours. However, it's default project template isn't that great for all intents and purposes. Whether you are a hip Silicon Valley startup with millions in VC funding or a gangly team of 3 at a hackathon, they just won't do. Enter Comet, a boilerplate for Meteor filled to the top with amazing goodness and configuration to get your app kickstarted. It includes languages such as Coffeescript, Sass (SCSS), and Jade to supercharge your development speed, as well as over 15 incredibly useful packages from Atmosphere, for things such as routing, better acounts, oauth, UI, unit testing, and more. Get it on Github and start making the next Yo today!