Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· icflorescu

The stack behind a simple "sales-pipeline" app

Right now, I'm adding the last touches to an easy-to-use sales-pipeline management app for the amazing team behind

We looked up quite a number of apps in Google Chrome Store (and especially liked pipedrive)... but in the end we decided to "roll our own", since none of them was doing exactly what we needed (and not all of our staff speaks English :-P).

I'm quite happy using Backbone.js and Bootstrap on the client and Express/Node.js with Mongoose & MongoDB on the server.

Most of the code is written in ICS/CoffeeScript; I'm also using Jade views (on both client & server-side) and Stylus CSS pre-processor.

Everything gets packed together and compressed with ASPAX, the simple Node.js asset packager.

This was also a bit of an experiment for me, but I've came to the conclusion that, using the right "tools" and an agile approach, a single experienced full-stack developer can get a functional solution like this one ready in less than two weeks...

Here's a WIP screenshot (sorry, the UI is in Romanian :-P) showing a "deal" being dragged & dropped from one stage to another:


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I forgot to mention I'm also using for real-time synchronisation between team members...

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