Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· luketmillar

Make I'm Feeling Lucky Your Default Chrome Search

I'm feeling lucky

More often than not, when I use Google search I'm looking for the top result. Making the "I'm feeling lucky" search saves that extra click on each search.

Here's how you make "I'm feeling lucky" the default search in Chrome:

1 Go to Chrome Settings

2 Click "Manager search engines..." under "Search"

3 Add a new search engine to the bottom of the list with this search query



4 Set the new search engine as the default

Standard search results

Sometimes you want standard google search results. I change the "keyword" field for the standard google search results to be the letter "g".

What this lets you do is just type "g [search query]" to bypass the "I'm feeling lucky" result and fallback to the standard search results.