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@mbillard jQuery PJAX (and all newer Rails gems and implementations) degrade correctly. If it doesn't get a response within x ms or if it doesn't get a compatible response at all, it will just point the browser to the original URL just like clicking a normal link.

I think the benefit is mostly not having to reload the entire page and re-interprate all the JS en CSS (and not hitting your server for it). But, I've just PJAX for just loading certain parts of my page as well. For instance, reloading a "content" div and not the navigation and footer.

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@hash4di Ah! It should be "response" yes. I am going to fix that in the protip.


the removequeryarg() function only works on query parameters (so, everything behind the ?). For example, you can use removequeryarg("action", "") to get "".

If you want to change or remove the "page/3" part you should really just grab the link to the correct url or permalink. Does that make sense?

@offtherails Yeah! It's a nice way to learn a bit about Vagrant too! Let me know if you run into problems. Might be possible that the first-run experience is not 100% yet and the documentation needs to be updated.

Please let me know and I'll help you.

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@narven Nope. Iteration into infinity.

@tnypxl Turbolinks is awesome! Especially when you're not using a JS framework.

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