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Posted to Create a Yosemite USB installer over 1 year ago

what's the minimum size for the USB drive ? would a 8Go work ?

@jlecour : interesting solution too.

what a great post ... a pro tip that serves as an external link

it looks like great content why not writing a proper pro tip ?

Posted to Switching to boxen ? over 1 year ago

yes, so here is a replacement :

Posted to git log for humans over 1 year ago

what is it doing ?

thanks !

by the way it also works for screen and keyboard luminosity (with the corresponding button).

Posted to Write better Protips over 1 year ago

@summic , @andresroberto10 , @sasasoftware : you're welcome, thanks !

Posted to Migration from rvm to rbenv over 1 year ago

... just a link ? how sad.

Posted to Have a break over 1 year ago

@dbachet tried the Pomodoro technique ?

Posted to Strange case use over 1 year ago

@NIA readability is often a subjective topic, still, for something like this particular line most ruby style guides would probably point towards the ternary operator ?: (

Of course the case line is quite close to pure english I suppose and would be read easily by anyone. Regarding this I do appreciate the transparent regex match the case provides.

Posted to git merge --squash over 1 year ago

interesting, but keep it mind that squashing many commits into one can make things a bit heavy if there is a lot of commits / lines.

it's a powerful tool so big responsibility comes with it !

Posted to Write better Protips over 1 year ago

(somehow) related :

considering the efficiency of the git protocol and the cost of private repositories at bitbucket, I'm wondering what use case triggered that ?

Posted to Delete all keys from Redis over 1 year ago

there are commands for that : FLUSHALL (all keys in all db), FLUSHDB (all keys in active db)

@sheerun you're welcome.

note : if I remember correctly "focus" is an edge case of the tag functionality that was added to rspec 2 :

the "trick" is the ":focus => true" part, it comes with Rspec 2.x.

Posted to Git is cheap ! over 1 year ago

@callmekatootie : yes I agree on this, but a lot of people new to VCMs are trained by people who have experience on other VCMs so they tend to get those bad habits (been there, done that, seen that too).

Alas, forgetting past experience is not just like pressing a button, I wish it was that simple ;)

Posted to Git is cheap ! over 1 year ago

something someone pointed out on the YC / HN thread : there is a point missing in this post : commits rebase before pushing. I'll try to cover that in another post.
in short : once you got your tests passing and BEFORE publishing that branch you can (and should?) rebase some of the commits together (rebase -i) to get a slimmer history and clearer diff history.

in the end you might want to see it that way :
1. branch
2. write tests
3. write code
4. pass tests
5. commit
6. repeat 2 to 5 until group of bricks is done
7. rebase -i commits that need such attention
8. push to your public repository

the git flow link is a must too, thanks for the feedback, please keep sending more !

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