Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· mcansky

Write better Protips

Dear fellow writers,

You are publishing really good pro tips, really.

Yet, please let me give you some tips about writing interesting and useful tips for your readers and your future self.

  1. Write a short introduction : even a line is enough to explain classic use case of the tip, where it's coming from
  2. Explain the tip : do not simply copy and paste a line of code or some super crazy shell fu : explain it. In my point of view it's always good to explain a little what's going on there.
  3. Cite your sources : you are not covering some high risk topic, technical sources are a way for readers to check a bit more about the tip and what you are describing (or using)

There is mainly three reasons to add such things :

  1. It forces you to read the tip again and think about it, you'll avoid some errors
  2. It will be easier for readers, not coming from the same background and mind state as you do to understand it
  3. It will help your future self, facing a similar problem, to remember how that tip's content came to be

That said : thank you for all your pro tips, several of them already made my life easier : please keep writing !

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Never saw in that way. Good tips, thanks. It will also works for me when writing other publications.

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@summic , @andresroberto10 , @sasasoftware : you're welcome, thanks !

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Example would be nice ^_^

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Simple but essential. :)

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Nice, tips

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