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Posted to Parallax scroll with CSS over 1 year ago

You are a genius!

You could've posted it here. It's a one liner for FF and IE, two if you include support for WebKit Browsers:

transform: translate3d(0,0,0);

-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);

This is also good for hardware accelerating some animations or other content that uses CSS3 transforms. I usually create a class called force-acceleration with this fix and I add it to anything that's transformed or animated.

Posted to When to use CSS preprocessor over 1 year ago

I disagree with #1, there are many simple programs that you can fire up and already have your CSS preprocessors going (Prepos, Hammer, CodeKit, etc). I 100% agree with @timohausmann.

2 doesn't make sense at all! Preprocessors are to manage the mess while you're styling. Using JavaScript makes an even bigger, unmanageable mess, and also is poor development practice. I could somewhat understand if #2 was using presentational classes, but JavaScript for styling is ridiculous.

Also I don't understand the additional downloads part, notwithstanding the use of preprocessors, users will be downloading the same amount of files, and if anything using preprocessors will make the files more efficient and smaller 9 times out of 10.

What you really shouldn't be doing with preprocessors is sending them to other people who don't understand them or to clients. Always send over the (uncompressed) compiled files and try to exclude them from showing up on the server.

Stalls Command Prompt and Powershell for a bit..

Posted to Nginx aggressive asset configuration over 1 year ago

You could combine those duplicate lines in a block as such:

location ~* .(?(:ico|css|js|woff))$ {
addheader Cache-Control public;
log off;

Never say never, re-assignment in conditionals is a fairly popular and general practice.

I believe David Baron's setZeroTimeout will work in IE8, which is completely fine! The lack of supporting IE9> really shouldn't be an issue with a plethora of mobile devices and rapidly upgrading browsers.

And what is wrong with Coderwall's comments??? The positioning is all janky!

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Jealousy! I'm happy for you man!

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Nice wings!

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Love it! Very minimalist, my style!

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So beautiful =)

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