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Posted to Programming Languages One-liners over 1 year ago

Sass is even more fun than CSS :P, anyway nice stuff to read


Posted to Front-end on Ubuntu? Why not? over 1 year ago

Gimp is ok after installing photoshop-like UI extension.

Posted to CSS: long word, small space over 1 year ago

Thanks for the article. I read it at a good moment, because I am currently working on a project where such solution is needed :)

Posted to Be a clean CSS coder (part two) over 1 year ago

It does not affect the performance in a visible way, I prefer to have two versions of css. One of them is minimized (all in one line, no spaces) so it weighs less and it it read by the site (main site). The second one is normal to read and make changes on the svn server.

I prefer to have it written in this way. When you write an e-mail newsletter, you have to use those so as the e-mail client will read it properly.

However, when it comes to border, the faster and better way is to write

border: 2px dashed #222;

Posted to Be a clean CSS coder (part one) over 1 year ago

I am glad that someone read this carefully and gave me feedback about the error. Next part tomorrow

Posted to Be a clean CSS coder (part one) over 1 year ago

@fernandoperigolo my mistake, sorry
now it is correct

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