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Yeah, I was really wondering how to deal with this myself, glad it helped! :)

I've made an edit to save you the next tripwire, right arround the corner ;)

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@steve-jansen thanks for the hint, you are right! I tend to unalias* in scripts, just to make sure. For me that is the rare case and in all day circumstances I like my aliases to be convenient.

Sorry, I've got no solution ready for this one. On windows, this is always done via the Nvidia card I think. Maybe you can fix your xorg settings to just always enable the port for external usage, but I've not looked into that yet.

Jipieee :) glad it helped!

great! sounds more like the goodness it provides :)

I think a combination of all things mentioned might be the best. First off, use two factor authentication on anything that lets you log in via password on the internet. Secondly, the reason to not turn on you password authentication is the it's pretty likely that someone would knock on the door a few hundred thousand times, getting in eventually(if you really, really have to, turn on denyhosts: to make that harder). Thirdly, make your key save with a bigger 16 characters keyword and stay save on the go with an encrypted USB drive, good solution to that is truecrypt: supports all platforms.

Anything left? Stay save out there :)

To be hones, I really liked the content, but the title almost made me not read it... just FYI. Sounded like a rant ;)

Yes, that's for sure! And if that is the case, just ignore the notes above. I've just not thought about that when I've open sourced some piece of code that had submodules and needed to update the .gitmodules files to enable others to conveniently use the public ones.

I just tried to point out that you might forget how deeply the submodules are nested and even the last one that is private would kill the "clone experience" :) for example:

.dotfiles  # has mac-profile as submodule
  mac-profile  # has vim as submodule
git submodule update --init --recursive # only works if anyone has 
# access to all the recursive child refs
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Great, because ...
I was once told that too and am finishing my master thesis at 30th of April 2013!

Thanks for sharing!

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@matleclaire this is not even close to CTRL-R.
What about case insensitive completion? At least on my machine CTRL-R is not helping there. Also, multiple CTRL-R are also not behaving like this.

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ALSO: This makes your bash complete case INsensitive... Just because nobody mentioned it explicitly(except the command itself ;).
And CTRL-R is not even close to what this does, honestly... try first.

Feedback appreciated! :)

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I knew vim has crazy functionality, but wholy SH*T, awesome, thanks!

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