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wow this is great! Gotta love little hidden treats like this. Thank you so much!

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Hey Angelo, I posted the articles to Medium like you suggested. They're available at

Thanks! :)

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Thanks, I'll post this ASAP and let you know ;)

Nice tip, thanks for sharing!

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"a god-damned ninja-wizard" code that is :)
Awesome tip!

shipit = push heroku master

adhd = commit --amend --reset-author

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Hi Ionut, this is very useful! Thanks for sharing!

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing! :)

Another awesome tip! Thanks for sharing!

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Nope, definitely not a purist :)
I've been meaning to try ICS for a while. Now with this post I'll finally give it a shot :)

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Great tip Ionut, thanks for sharing! :)

PS. I love the angle screenshots, very cool.

Hey, thanks for sharing. Great tip :)

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Thank you for reading! :)

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Thanks for sharing Ionut, I was looking for something like this a few weeks ago.

Yeah, they rock! If anyone needs the complete list for using % notation:

Great tips!

To add more fun:
In the first example, you could substitute the array of words using '%' notation, like this:

strs = %w(foo bar baz)

Thanks!! I've been working on new stuff, can't wait to upload the finished versions :)

Btw, I hope to visit Oregon one day. It seems like the best place to live :)

Nice tip, Btw, I checked out your SoundCloud; cool music my fellow musician/coder!

Damn, that was awesome. Hi-five over wi-fi!

Nice post!

1) In Puerto Rico, no company will even consider you if you don't have a CS Degree and 2-4+ years of experience unless you already know someone inside. I almost finished my CS degree but I had to drop out. I was wasting too much money and wasn't getting the education I expected. Most classes were a joke. This move may not work for everyone, but it was the best decision ever for me. As an autodidact, I don't have to wait for knowledge to be poured on me. If I want to learn I read, practice and then share it with anyone interested.

3) I've only worked with only one female developer and she kicked ass at writing code. It seems that there aren't enough women in technology, but in those small numbers are great minds. I wish there were even more!

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Stylus looks like a cleaner version Sass. I loved the existential operator when defining the defaults. I will definitely try this next time instead of going directly to Bootstrap. Thanks for sharing :)

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Ionut and John, Thanks for reading :)

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This is awesome, still can't believe this was always there. Wow :)

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Thanks for sharing your opinion Matt. I wrote it from my perspective. It is what I see everyday on this side of the Planet. The post is simply about not letting technology enslave your self.

Scare mongering would be to talk about what sites like Facebook actually do with their user data and how it is being used against them by 3rd party companies and the Government.

People here in Puerto Rico and the US are like zombies glued to their "smartphones". You go to a family reunion or party, expecting to be social but only their physical presence is there. Their minds are else where. It gets worse everyday. This is what triggered me to write the post.

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up-voted! :)

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Thanks for reading Ionut! :)

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The great validation generation! Thank you for reading Daniel!

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Word. Enjoy it while you can!

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Looks perfect. Perhaps adding a simple test using RSpec or Minitest should finish verifying their knowledge. It takes discipline to write and maintain tests!

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Exactly :)

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Wow, i didn't know about this before. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Thanks for sharing!
I like to use this one for easier deployment to heroku:

gem 'rails_12factor', group: :production
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Well, when not using gemsets, bundler's dependency resolver algorithm ( will take more time to finish. Add to this the fact that when you remove a gem dependency from your Gemfile, bundler will update your Gemfile.lock, but it won't uninstall it. Your system just keeps getting polluted with more gems you aren't even using. Hard drive space is wasted.

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This is awesome! I didn't know about it, thanks for sharing.

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I was just talking about this the other day to a co-worker who is starting with Rails. He used to delete file by file when mistyping a field or type in the scaffold. I will share this with him so he can remember! :) Thanks for sharing.

There is another useful option called --pretend that previews what it would actually generate but doesn't create anything.

It's so nice to meet other hispanic RoR developers. You can follow me on Twitter (JonahBinario) and Github (jonahoffline), keep in touch!

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Cool workspace! :)

¡Hola Sergio! Tried this using a VPS I have running on DigitalOcean and it worked like a charm from RubyMine. Saludos desde Puerto Rico :)

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Thanks! Glad it helped! :)

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