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@gembinz I haven't seen that error before. May have to google the error to see what's going wrong. If you are able to curl the endpoint, does that mean the registry container is up and running?

It should appear as a .vbox file in the folder where you saved your VM. If I have a VM named sandbox, the .vmdk, .vbox and log files are saved under C:\Users\me\VirtualBox VMs\sandbox. The file location might be different for you though.

Hope this helps.

@javicka Glad it helps. Can I get an upvote on the protip please?

@dpkkaruna can i get an upvote then? :-)

you know it, bro :-)

@jpannikk Can you write your tests outside of eclipse, say using maven?

@jpannikk Also, which patch did you use? I used the (dated 2012-08-15) patch.

@jpannikk c:\ccviews\jpannikkview15\ccrs_new doesn't look like a long path to me. Does your classpath includes long paths? Can you try a quick experiment by copying your test codes to a shorter path to see if that works?
Assuming you copied all the classes in the patch to the right location under the Eclipse home folder, it should work after a restart.
Let me know how it goes.

Posted to Java Coding Guidelines over 1 year ago

My preference is to use descriptive names over comments. No comments is better than wrong, outdated comments. I like to let the my codes speak for themselves.

Whenever I come across codes with single return statements, I am obligated to read them to the end even after I locate the relevant condition/guard clause. I think those annoying long-lived local variables are actually more time-consuming to debug..

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