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Posted to Vertical aligning in CSS over 1 year ago

.yourDiv{ display: box; box-orient: horizontal; box-pack: center; box-align: center }

Thank's for the reminder, I always rage so much when I have to install this gem on OSX...

Posted to Setup Macbook for Developer over 1 year ago

When you set up a new Mac, try to do it with boxen from Github! And +1 for homebrew :3

@mdeiters Mind blowing, they should change the icon.

Posted to Unique values in JavaScript Arrays over 1 year ago

@avenger7x Good solution, but slow one. I'm doing JavaScript on iOS devices and that sucks... I did a JSPerf to compare :

Posted to Unique values in JavaScript Arrays over 1 year ago

@dpashkevich Yep, you're right. Thanks.

Posted to Boxen over 1 year ago

Thank's @mattheath !

Posted to Open folder in iTerm over 1 year ago

I use xtrafinder ( to have these options :)

Posted to ZeptoJS over 1 year ago

I found that Zepto is kinda slower than jQuery in severals case, like this one :

If you don't know oh-my-zsh, you must try it!

@blaxus this is good, we use for our API Routes the gem (if you are working on Rails)

I prefere this way much more, compatible zepto and no deprecated. And you should watch only once for the event:

$('#animateme').addClass('animate').one('webkitAnimationEnd...', function(){$(this).removeClass('animate')});

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