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Posted to Vim window resizing ala tmux over 1 year ago

You are right, but your mapping override the move one word (but if you are a real vimer you will tell me that "b", "w", or "e" do the same and you will be right!)

I'm myself not really convince, by the tinymap key solution because it introduce a small lag time. But that's the nearer to tmux way of doing that I found.

And followed by # to come back to the word you where on.
then you can map *# to something to say higlight the occurences.

Posted to Monitor things with CLI over 1 year ago

@alhafoudh yup he makes a small mistake, but not so important, every one understand.

Posted to Monitor things with CLI over 1 year ago

@kablamo Thanks for the hint. I will try to use the same command api to port it to windows ;)

Posted to pgrep & pkill. over 1 year ago

I used to use these command, but after switching to zsh, I can use autocompletion. so I can type 'kill (tab) (tab)' and choose by process name, or type 'kill firefox(tab)'

Posted to Easy access to a web server over 1 year ago

Python 3 is simpler: "python -m http.server 8888".
I agree with you that the SimpleHTTPServer Lower and Upper cases are difficult to remember.

Posted to Make vim's ':e' work in your terminal over 1 year ago

Thx for this tip ! That's so a time saving tip. I can't count how many times I type :q, :wq, :e ... in the terminal.

@hauleth A tools who manage projects and environment, it's an IDE (Integrated Developpement Environment). The fact that you want to use vim or another editor doesn't change the definition ! It will be a cool IDE. Keep me up to date when you finish this project.

Posted to Read command output into vim over 1 year ago

Yep that's the power of vim ! completely extensible. I used to r ! which python to write the shebang.

@hauleth In brief you want to make your own IDE ;) It sounds simple, and hard at the same time.
You can do a kind of initscript to be called. But what will happen if you run two times your project command, the originally simple script will need to handle a lot of cases (DB already up, ...)
And if you go like you suggest with a config file, you will need to design a general interface for a broad number of type of processes.

I suggest to save even more time with alias pj=project
(Yes 10 ms per time, it's a lot of beer).

Thx for the tip ! Never think to make this simple feature. Here my vim version

Posted to Find the first item in a list over 1 year ago

Nice !

Posted to Use the in operator over 1 year ago

Just a small precision, it does not work with list of list and with NaN ;)

Posted to Indexed looping over 1 year ago

Thx ! I was not aware of the second argument of enumerate. You mean things[idx] in your first example

Posted to Share localhost with anyone over 1 year ago

That's nice ! But why python in tags ? all is ruby tools

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