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Fabricio Quagliariello

Web Craftsman at BHP Global
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am a self-taught professional, and I have worked in various areas, from advertising and design, to custom content management system development and project management with an inter disciplinarian approach .

My focus is on web development and front end and GUI design, programming and implementation. I have worked as an independent consultant and teacher on those areas.

One of my main strengths is the ability to learn new concepts quickly and develop related skills fast.

My mission is "Simplicity in Technology, Success in Business".

My goal is to improve the business process of my clients through the intelligent use of their resources and talents.

My values are:

* Creativity, the ability to use old resources in a new way
* Honesty and assertiveness
* Permanent Learning

  • Simplicity, developing a deep understanding of the work to be done, empowering organizational and personal goals
  • Focus, applying fast that deep understanding in a pragmatic way

My professional approach centers on Semantic Design, Usability, And Agile Methodologies.

Specialties:Web Development.

GUI Development and implementation.

Software Development with Agile.

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