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Posted to my favorite oh-my-zsh theme over 1 year ago

Would you give us a list of the possible "dot" colours and their meanings?

Great tip!

Posted to vim :w!! over 1 year ago

Great tip!

This plugin: allows similar behaviour.

Posted to Git - Autocorrect spelling over 1 year ago

Note that the 1 does not equate to one second, rather 0.1 seconds. Use 10 for one second.

Posted to A pretty vim foldtext function over 1 year ago

What does this actually do? Would you add a bit of a description and/or a before/after comparison?

Posted to Organise Your Code over 1 year ago

I'd suggest splitting up large files into smaller files containing only related code - if you need a contents section your file is too big.

Posted to Schedule meetings like a boss over 1 year ago

The most creative use of the punchcard I've seen!

This is a really good suggestion! I'd like to make an additional suggestion: open an issue on the module's Github page about the lack of documentation.

This is the single best introduction to AngularJS I've seen. I wish I had this when I was battling with the switch from jQuery/Backbone.

Posted to Send forms using Ctrl + Enter over 1 year ago

I wish this was mandatory for all websites. (as I write this I notice that Coderwall doesn't have it.)

Posted to Programatically install Vim bundles over 1 year ago

Good point gaveen, that would work well. I'm planning on moving plugin-specific ~/.vimrc config into the install scripts as well, as since starting to use a bunch of plugins my ~/.vimrc file has become rather unwieldy.

Posted to HTTP Requesting from Sublime Text 2 over 1 year ago

Wow. Sublime and its plugin ecology never cease to amaze me.

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