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Tech Lead, PHP5 Senior Jedi Master, Symfony2 Architect &&
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Posted to Symfony2 - The translation miracle over 1 year ago

@gpaton you're welcome!

Posted to Symfony2 - The translation miracle over 1 year ago

@ardianys: You can give to the security paths the route names. So for ex:

            switch_user:        false
            context:            user
            pattern:            .*
                provider:       fos_userbundle
                login_path:     fos_user_security_login
                use_forward:    false
                check_path:     fos_user_security_check
                failure_path:   null
            logout:             true
            anonymous:          true
Posted to Symfony2 - The translation miracle over 1 year ago

@polsola did you cleared the cache?

Backend without saving the data?

Where is your God now?!

totally agree.

Nice. The most irritating thing in tmux solved! Thx

@kwn mother of god. I'm done for today. Level Double Cross Telekinesis is brain boiling stuff.

Codeintel is not so cool. Especially with MVC frameworks.

@jakubzalas there aren't any switch options for hardcore VIM users. I know that sublime to VIM is like going to McDonald's for salads.

@ex00 You can add the 1 to 1 vim key bindings. But vim was the inspiration. Btw I removed the fork sentence. Thx.

Posted to Fast Switching PHP on OS X over 1 year ago

I think this is better approach:

@vlakarados So can you explain why vim commands are working on sublime? It's not a direct fork. Vim isn't father but step-father for sure.

Posted to "git status" without untracked files over 1 year ago

This will make developers to forget adding untracked files to repository, More broken builds. Thx But No Thx

Posted to Symfony2 - The translation miracle over 1 year ago

@ramondevesag You got all the translations exported per bundle to files in Resources/translations
in one of selected formats( xliff, gettext, yaml )

been there got the t-shirt.

Posted to Git for Daily Standup over 1 year ago

Great work but you got a bug in the alias :) It don't work on Mondays.

standup = !"git log --reverse --branches --since='$(if [[ "Mon" == "$(date +%a)" ]]; then echo "last friday"; else echo "yesterday"; fi)' --author=$(git config --get --format=format:'%C(cyan) %ad %C(yellow)%h %Creset %s %Cgreen%d' --date=local"
Posted to PHP has standards, USE THEM! over 1 year ago

You can't live without them in bigger projects.

@likeyn symlink is good. But I want to forget about the file :)

Git pull is dead. You bring it back to life Dr. Frankenstein ;)

Posted to Stats for your git repo over 1 year ago

The best thing that I got was the git-stats script or the gem named git-fame.

@devalien you're absolutely right!

Posted to Schedule meetings like a boss over 1 year ago

For those who don't use github at work:

Posted to git tip for linux users over 1 year ago

@twolfson your coloring rox :)

Nice work. Love that aliases. And love that explanation of the risks.

Posted to Silex Application on AppFog over 1 year ago

@egorovpavel I've noticed that AppFog under apache benchmark or siege has strange behaviour it goes 503 and next 404. It happend when appfog instance gets over 100% CPU load for more than one minute. So you need to create more instances. I've checked the pagodabox only one thing scares me when your DB instance needs more then free 10MB it costs a lot.

@cub3 I will buy you a beer it works! :)

Posted to Sexy comments for PHP and JS over 1 year ago

No php-doc - there's no point to use.

@nathansmonk IE8 don't work

Holy shit! I'm stunned!

Debugging SMTP in debian console via Telnet is damn horrible. Thanks for this!

@cub3 thanks a lot i will use it for sure in one production site :)

I know that too well. But I can't find the solution or workaround for this.


Posted to Javascript Quiz 1 over 1 year ago

mvasilkov is right. Results are browser dependent:

Posted to Amazon Hosting of Symfony2 Projects over 1 year ago

@sdepablos No problem. But I bet we will be tight on Ram soon :)

Posted to Amazon Hosting of Symfony2 Projects over 1 year ago

@sdepablos Maximum usage was about 60% on high-cpu have 1.7GB of ram.

good thing to avoid looking on the whitespace changes. Time saver! Thx

Posted to Amazon Hosting of Symfony2 Projects over 1 year ago

@FrancisVarga I was using ngnix on php-fpm but on highcpu instance with 2 cores the gain was about 10% (with 20 workers of fpm). On two nodes plus two more for traffic peaks.
APC was there can't live without.
RDS was db.m1.small.
plus ElastiCache for cache queries and forms(form generations is really heavy).

Posted to PHP5 Micro Frameworks over 1 year ago

Good listing. I'am huge fan of silex. So check out mine protip about the Silex and the AppFog

Posted to cURL for Humans over 1 year ago

No package for Ubuntu precise. What a shame.

Posted to Slow Symfony2 Build? over 1 year ago

You don't mentioned about the this Bundle is required.

Posted to Simple and sexy <hr> line over 1 year ago

I just created jsfiddle demo for this:

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