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Posted to Highlight CSS Colors in Sublime over 1 year ago

This is pretty great.

I find it's easiest for me when I'm starting a new project is to just make a variable for my key palette. And if I ever need to to adjust the shade I just use the SASS lighten($blue, 10%) etc.

But that is if your working in SASS obviously, what's great about the 'Color Highlighter' is that it's unobtrusive which I appreciate.

Posted to SASS Nesting over 1 year ago

Why do they cause massive headaches for you?

So you can define within an element that certain styles can respond to certain devices? Such as your example using the respond-to method you can give one element 3 different variations of padding, for 3 different devices, without having to define all your @media queries someone else.

If what you say is true I might just go punch a goat in excitement.

and will this work on Sass with Rails?

Posted to nth-child a pseudo-class over 1 year ago

This is great. I've been trying to find away to ignore the first element on a particular dynamic page. I'm pretty sure this will accomplish exactly what I want.

Awesome. Just got into Sublime Text 2.
Every little tid bit like this helps.

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