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As of 1.2 they will have $interval :)

Posted to Bang Cash (!$) over 1 year ago

great tip! ever try fish shell lets you work with history in a snap

Posted to ng Functional only controller over 1 year ago

You could also check out
It supports multiple views in one state and uses states instead of routes so your goal of not needing a template could be accomplished :)

Posted to Use PHP with your Yeoman dev server over 1 year ago

Great tip, worked like a charm, I was using yeoman with angularjs and needed to bring in some php for server side support and your tip was very helpful and well written.


great post, its funny how a lot of "developers" do just that they append elements while inside a loop not concerning themselves with repaints or reflows... thanks for posting!

Posted to CSS custom bullets over 1 year ago

great tip, but can you maybe separate the code language from the plain text, kind of hard to read.

Very nicely done! i also like how Matthieu Aussaguel does it

Thanks for sharing :)

Posted to WordPress Security over 1 year ago

Nice tip, if I may add seems like you covered a few security by obscurity techniques. A few more would be changing the directory folder to be something other than wordpress, cleaning up the wp_head so that any wordpress generated links are removed, and renaming the wp-content directory. All of this done so that from just viewing the source it doesn't look like a wordpress site. Finally using .htaccess to whitelist only certain IP addresses to being able to access wp-admin/wp-login anyone not on the list gets the home page or 404 not found. Btw ever use to see how good your passwords are?

can you please add some background to this concept. Such as when and why someone would need to execute a bunch of async methods with one callback. I think that would be helpful.

Posted to Hide placeholder on :focus in webkit over 1 year ago

Question for you, why would you want the placeholder to disappear on focus as opposed to when the user actual starts typing and thats when it goes away? and in firefox the placeholder doesn't disappear on focus either..

Posted to Don't use CSS font shorthand over 1 year ago

I agree with your "rant" i usually use font shorthand to setup the body or a main div and then use class like bigger {font-size:20px;} or smaller {font-size:8px;} to change other elements inside. Its like you said the other properties are inherited. thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the great tip! Just set mine up, saves me time for builds.

you could simply do window.console && console.log(foo);
and achieve the same results without any if statements.

Lovely tip! but a quick question couldn't you give all the buttons you wanted to disable a class and then just call to that class instead of ":submit,:reset,:button". so then you wouldn't need not this because the disableAll button doesn't the class. Ex:
$("#disableAll").on("click", function () { //get all buttons, of any kind but the one that was clicked $(".off").attr("disabled", true);});

Posted to ZeptoJS over 1 year ago

Zepto is a jQuery replacement, using it(Zepto) instead to speed up loading for mobile devices. Please be aware it doesn't have all of the features of jQuery and at the same time it has features that jQuery doesn't such as touch events(ie: swipe). So therefore the focus for zepto is mobile and modern browsers. So no support for the old IEs.

Posted to Beautifying PHP If Else Statements over 1 year ago

I have to agree that ternary operators are great when its a simple condition or expression but you cannot chain or nest them without causing confusion and might as well use it on a single line because if its multiple why not just use if statement? nonetheless, nice post cheers!

Posted to Highlight CSS Colors in Sublime over 1 year ago

Thats a good find, thanks! I have to say i run OSX and i use color picker I believe the one you mention but it only opens a shell window for me and lets me change the selected color pretty quickly and i dont have to close anything. Either way you found a nice gem thanks for sharing again, cheers!

great tip!, thanks for sharing :)

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