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To find the broadcast address of an interface: ifconfig | grep Bcast | cut -d: -f3 | cut -d' ' -f1

The --text switch with grep, I'll add it to my grep file

moral of the story: modify in notepad, then paste. Or just type nice n slow.

I've learned that one the hard way

Just a link, no context for this #protip huh?

How about lsof -i | grep 8080

Posted to Draw Structure of Directory Hierarchy over 1 year ago

There is a command tree however it's not part of a standard package, so you probably have to install it on most systems.

Posted to Preserving line brakes in HTML over 1 year ago

Here's a great run down on the various options for the CSS white-space property

Posted to Git immersion over 1 year ago

@sheerun That's what code school's git real course is for

If you ever want to get a list of files, excluding of all the details (permissions, size, modification times etc) just change -l to -1

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  • 1 for Inconsolata
Posted to remove all whitespaces from your code over 1 year ago

Am I missing something, isn't whitespace syntaxically important in python and CSS?

That's what dmidecode is for

@finnpauls Good catch, changed it to "if (n > 19 || n < 6)"

Posted to some urls that break google over 1 year ago

The last one if kinda fun, Google loops through search strings, it takes a minute or so, and then it returns a 'URL is too long' error

Posted to Better greys with HSL over 1 year ago

I <3 HSL

Posted to Get external IP with CLI over 1 year ago

Better yet use ...

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