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Software engineer, blogger, public speaker
Software engineer, blogger, public speaker

Posted to Dump neo4j database over 1 year ago

I am not using this DB anymore, but my guess is to simply copy the archive and restore it onto /var/lib/neo4j-server/data/graph.db/

@dandv for chef it is usually <name_of_your_cookbook>/recipes/default.rb (e.g. workwm/recipes/default.rb)


old_size = get_element_size("#el")
# call action which triggers AJAX event
# wait for AJAX to finish
new_size = get_element_size("#el")
assert new_size != old_size

I've just tried it. Doesn't work for me

comm: illegal option -- -
usage: comm [-123i] file1 file2
fatal: malformed object name origin/staging
Posted to Vim: Repeat everything over 1 year ago

[Optionally] Add this to your .vimrc to always preserve flags when using &:

" make & trigger :&& so it preserves flags
nnoremap & :&&<Enter>
xnoremap & :&&<Enter>
Posted to How to speed up CtrlP over 1 year ago

In fact, you could go even further and use ag to grep files (it is faster than find)

" Use The Silver Searcher
if executable('ag')
  " Use Ag over Grep
  set grepprg=ag\ --nogroup\ --nocolor

  " Use ag in CtrlP for listing files. Lightning fast and respects .gitignore
  let g:ctrlp_user_command = 'ag %s -l --nocolor -g ""'

Credits: Thoughtbot dotfiles

Posted to Use NFS to speed up your Vagrant over 1 year ago

@luuf didn't know that. Thanks for mentioning it here!)

Posted to Vagrant tips over 1 year ago

@numbata You could extract it to a separate protip, I think) But thanks for mentioned it here.

Posted to Vagrant tips over 1 year ago

@av-ast Thanks! I've updated the protip.

@vassilevsky, thanks for spotting this! Updated it.

@kelion Thanks, I didn't think about it. I've added -p flag to xargs command for confirmation.

Posted to Fetching related models with Backbone over 1 year ago

Stop talking - start coding.


Or, if you are using twitter-bootstrap-rails gem, you can simply use bootstrap_flash helper -

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