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It never occurred to me that background images could be so customizable and, considering the business goals I'm however slowly working toward, the explanation you gave me wonderful ideas to consider when officially building my first public site in a responsive tone that speaks to what I want to accomplish, being a cross-platform product that engages all communication builds and models, no matter the machine/device/OS.

In short, you've given me a huge amount of enthusiasm in regard to not only what I would like to see, myself, but also do with my own projects.

Thank you.

Wow, I can't believe this treasure trove got no attention! Thanks for the fantastic resources!

I can't wait to try this!

This gives me even more incentive to learn more Ruby and put this into practice.

Awesome job! I can't wait to try putting it to use!

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Wow, you brought up a lot of lovely memories of learning Photoshop and press printing, along with the diffetrence between printer and monitor output colors. Thanks for the tip, is it directly in relation to the Pantone Color Matching system?