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No. Read before commenting. I am complaining that PHP alone has two different syntaxes, which are inconsistent with one another

I have specifically asked that you avoid this type of comment, to quote the post I linked:

"Do not tell me that “good developers can write good code in any language”, or bad developers blah blah. That doesn’t mean anything. A good carpenter can drive in a nail with either a rock or a hammer, but how many carpenters do you see bashing stuff with rocks? Part of what makes a good developer is the ability to choose the tools that work best."

What's so wrong with sudo apt-get install phantomjs?

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Here's a better one (lovingly stolen from the chosen-jQuery plugin):

var __hasProp = {}.hasOwnProperty,
    __extends = function(child, parent) { 
           for (var key in parent) { 
                if (, key) ) 
                    child[key] = parent[key]; 

            function ctor() { 
                this.constructor = child; 

            ctor.prototype = parent.prototype; 
            child.prototype = new ctor();

            child.__super__ = parent.prototype; 

            return child; 
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C Pointers are insecure and vulnerable (if not used right, anyway). As a friend of mine likes to say - with C you can easily shoot yourself in the leg. With C++ it's harder, but if you do it's with a shotgun (hence the equation above)

Posted to Front-end on Ubuntu? Why not? over 1 year ago

I installed CS6 on Ubuntu 14.04 using Wine, and have had no trouble at all with it. Definitely no reason for resorting to Windows or Mac.

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SASS Added. Thanks.

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So I'm taking it you're a hardcore Ruby fan. Alright. But you've missed the point a little. I'm not here to ditch on a certain language (unless it's ****ing PHP). I'm looking for the linux sucks method of intentionally making fun of the things you love and pointing out their flaws.

Come on, lets see you rip on Ruby a bit. Try it, it'll be a lot more fun.

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