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Posted to Using PhantomJS from Perl over 1 year ago

Thank you dave, I'll take a look at it.

Posted to Perl: uninstall perl cpan module over 1 year ago

Also note that there's CPANPLUS library which provides cpanp script.
You can use cpanp to delete installed packages:

cpanp -u POE

However, you need to have CPANPLUS installed to perform this.

Posted to Learning Perl over 1 year ago

Talking about single and double quotes, I think this behavior was inherited from the Unix shell, which has the same behavior. Try:

echo 'Non-interpolable: $X' "Interpolable: $X"

Talking about string formatting operations in Python (modulo). Python documentation of modulo reffers to sprintf() syntax in the C language. Perl also has printf() implementation:

printf "I ate a %s", $steak;

And I hope you'll enjoy learning Perl and using it in your projects. Good luck.

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