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Great post and cool module!

Thank you @jdobry!

Posted to One line browser notepad over 1 year ago

Good tip!

I made a version for Javascript editor with ACE, as @jakeonrails did: in particular it lets you to execute the written code through CTRL + SHIFT + Y shortcut.

Try CoffeeScript

Posted to Lazy front-enders are lazy over 1 year ago

You're saying: "native code is better than libraries". Yes, it's true. Even writing a website in assembly is faster than everything but I said yes to the life.
Libraries and frameworks are slower than the native language and they are made to simplify your work: the trade-off between performance and comfort it's just a choice, a personal choice.

In my honest opinion, doing $('<div>') instead of $(document.createElement('div')) is better because it won't tear down the performance of my web app and it's easier and faster to write it down.

The problem is not with placeholders but with IE.

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