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David Robert

Engineering Manager | Leadership Expert
São Paulo

Throughout my career, I have built exceptional professional records in architecture and development of software. I also have strong leadership skills to build high-performance teams, developing potential abilities in each member of the team.

I majored in Computer Science and completed a master's in Artificial Intelligence. Besides that, I served in the Brazilian Army where I ranked first in class as Communications Officer, later on working as a platoon leader.

I have solid project management skills and strong software architecture abilities. I provide support to the team by constantly aligning business and product requirements, which guarantees effective improvement.

Main Skills:
❑ Leadership and Mentoring for developers
❑ Practical experience in building, developing and managing high-performance teams
❑ Software Engineering Processes and Management
❑ Software Architecture
❑ Systems Architecture for Highly Available and High Transaction Rate Web Services
❑ Excellent knowledge of different programming languages and technologies, including Java, Kotlin and C/C++
❑ +16 years working with software development

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