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Each day I see more and more websites that render properly only in Chrome. This makes me think that Chrome is starting to become the new IE: For best experience, please use Internet Explorer

"Bad security" in a language context sounds wrong. Security should be done at application level, not at language level.

fiddler can be used for many things and one of them is the ability to delay responses through an extension.

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Or contact Coderwall team and request them to implement a "down vote" button. I did this a while back, but I guess they will make it a priority if many requests are coming.

Posted to Full System Backup with rsync over 1 year ago

Maybe for a local system will do, but for a server its not really a good solution. Any file may depend on any other file and rsync is time consuming. Therefor, some files may ( and will ) change during the rsync process ( aka: file1 is copied, file2 is copied and until rsync will reach file5, file1 is changed ). This will leave you with a dependency disaster when you will need to use that backup.

To avoid this disaster, a snapshot based backup will do the job, because the system will get "froze" before the backup process starts and get it "unfreeze" when the backup process finishes, so all the files are consistent.

Posted to How to get your External IP from bash over 1 year ago

dig +short

Posted to Phing: watch over files changes over 1 year ago

Although is not related to Phing, you may be intrested in an alternative to watch when a file or directory changed:

I don't think this part will work:

files larger than 1 GB inside your home directory

fileswithsize 1G ~

Because you already specified the measuring unit ( M ) in the function, as shown:

find "${dir}" -type f -size "+${size}M"

Posted to cp with progress bar over 1 year ago

You finally get the main point: Not everyone has the same workflow as you.

For example, I use aliases to short crazy long commands that I use often and sometimes I need those aliases in my scripts also. Besides that, some scripts that are used across my team can be configured via env vars to do different things according to that developer preferences. So i need to force some scripts to use my dotfiles, because this is my usual workflow.

Maybe for the next guy my workflow is crazy, but I will never insist in convince him that my way is the right way. This is where will come respect other people opinions thing that I talked earlier :-)

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Nobody said anything about replacing a command, but to overwriting a system command, which alias will basically do.

And yes, maybe I will remember by magic two months from now that I have an alias that will break a standard cp command for example, but I also use a lot of scripts that are standard across my team and I can't force anyone to use my crazy aliases.

As a side note, adopting an offensive approach when a bunch of people disagree with you, is not very mature or professional. If you like to play dangerous by overwriting system commands, go ahead and do it, but at least have the decency in respecting other people opinion.

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Maybe is just me, but I'm not very comfortable in radically overwriting system commands.

As an alternative, Pipe viewer can be used to accomplish this, or use Advanced copy, which is basically standard cp and mv with a patch that will add support for progress bar, by using -g or --progress-bar option.

HINT: If you will use Advanced copy, you may consider putting them in /usr/local/bin under a different name, like cpg and mvg, just to make sure that programs that rely on cp and mv will not break and that ones patched will not be overwritten on next system update.

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@creaktive No language is perfect or will be perfect, because there is no perfect programmer. Love them, hate them, but do it quietly and more important without trolling.

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And our old friend "micro optimization" is back. This reminds me of "use single quotes instead of double quotes to speed things up".

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@dpashkevich This is not my product. Just found the link and shared. Although is not specified a release date, on their website there is a way to subscribe and get notified when they launch.

Posted to Webflow User Interface over 1 year ago

@dpashkevich I added a link to the official website.

Posted to Change date format in PHP over 1 year ago

@thatguynextdoor I updated my post with the link for documentation.

Posted to Code For All PHP Developers over 1 year ago

@mauris no, you will just exit; life and continue to cemetery :)

Posted to Your PHP site may not be secure over 1 year ago

Actually the PHP version can be found in HTTP headers. But that is valid on any other page, not just for credits page, if expose_php is active.

Posted to Hide a Phing target over 1 year ago

Yes the tasks are still callable, because I just needed to hide them. Occasionally I might need to call them directly. Thanks for your additions!

Best regards.

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