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What worked for me was:

gem install mysql2 -v '0.3.15' -- --with-mysql-config=$(brew --prefix mysql)/bin/mysql_config
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Of course, sorry I just saw your comment, take a look at this file in my dotfiles

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Nice, I think the same as you.

Here is a sample of my current config Tonatiuh Vim + Tmux sample

I see you moved your tmux bar at the top, I may try that later.

This worked for me, thanks.

I agree with most of your post, however performing these tests by each of the actions in each of the controllers of an application:

it { respond_with_content_type :html }
it { render_with_layout :application }

is too much in my opinion.

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Awesome! Automatically sending to tmux when I yank from vim is something I had been looking for, it totally worked. Thanks.

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I agree with you, also another tips is that even once you are doing
git add -p
if you find a big chunk of code, you can press the "s" key to split the chunk in even a smaller chunk.

I like to have an alias for git patch,
$ git config --global alias.addp add -p
which allows me to just say
$ git addp

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Also, in order to load it by default, you can put in your ~/.config/fish/

rvm > /dev/null

The /dev/null is to send the standard output to /dev/null and avoid printing the rvm message each time you open a new session.

I was just looking how to do this, thanks!

For those who had the same issues when installing this on Git ( installed directly as Github suggest), here is what I had to follow besides this.

cd /usr/local/git/contrib
curl -O

And also to add this to my .gitconfig

  pager = /usr/local/git/contrib/diff-highlight | less
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Good article man, thanks for remind me this.

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