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Any other neat "Vagrant + VirtualBox + Ubuntu" tricks? :D

I think you just saved me a whole bunch of debugging. With this "fix" it seems that the Ubuntu VM is a LOT faster when resolving domains. My VM had internet connection, but DNS resolving was kind of slow.

Posted to Don't forget that extra line! over 1 year ago

What I know about it is, that a "real UNIX line" is a line which has a break at the end. This means, a line without a linebreak is not a complete line. Many UNIX/Linux programs rely on the fact that a line has a linebreak and if you use "grep" etc. which works mainly by reading/scanning lines, you're good to have a line ending for every line, also the last line to prevent odd behaviour using those programs.

Posted to RVM for PHP, enters PHPbrew over 1 year ago

Are there any (fundamental) differences between phpswitch and phpbrew worth mentioning? Are there different use-cases maybe?

Posted to Disable text selection over 1 year ago

In combination with 'cursor: default;' this is really awesome!

Posted to Faster ZSH in large GIT repository over 1 year ago

There's a discussion going on regarding this issue:

Shorter one:
contains = branch --contains

That would be cool to have it colored. Anyone?

Posted to One line browser notepad over 1 year ago

Really cool! :D

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