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Ian Hansen

code poet at MongoHQ
Utah, USA

For better or worse: Full-stack JavaScript.

I come from a CS/EE background in school where I optimized flipping bits and came to believe that anything that can be computed can be computed by a computer.

My senior project was implementing server-synchronized MVC in JavaScript (something similar to meteor/firebase). I used new hot NodeJS v0.4 and the path of JavaScript began.

Professionally, I worked with Adobe as an Engineering Services consultant helping businesses track and crunch web metrics so they could optimize their key performance indicators. I switched gears after Adobe and worked as a web developer with a digital agency Rain where I continued the path of NodeJS into v0.6 and v0.8 implementing backend and frontend of websites (mixed with the occasional PHP).

Now, I work with MongoHQ helping run hundreds of MongoDB deployments. I mainly wield JavaScript to implement our API, but I've been picking up Go, Chef, and deeper Linuxi-goodness along the way.

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