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Very useful - thanks for this :)

So very true - respect!

Posted to The Concept of Pointers over 1 year ago

An excellent way of explaining pointers to those who don't get them. Very well put and an excellent example - Kudos!!

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@paulstatezny - did you restart your web-server after making the change?

When developing for mobile devices, especially Android (given it's insane fragmentation, and the extremely high probability that at least some of your end-users will have low-end low-memory devices), you have to really think about what your app is doing and how both the cpu cycles and memory use can be reduced to the bare minimum.

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Brilliant, and really useful - esp if you use a lot of markdown (and everyone really should be. :)

Beautiful :) Love it when that happens. Must be a pretty lame competitor if the only way they can compete is by essentially stealing what you've done! One word to them - KARMA!! :) Peace.

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Awesome - I've been looking for something like this - thanks for the heads up!

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