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Could you update the title ?

Posted to Title over 1 year ago

Could you update the title ?

Posted to No borders on bootstrap table over 1 year ago

@getvivekv You have to add this style after you load bootstrap.

You could initialize the prefixes with company_name

def self.email_prefix
    prefixes = [COMPANY_NAME]
Posted to JavaScript test framework comparison over 1 year ago

Thank you

But why ? We have database.yml for that propuse.

  • by adding expire header when we send the file
  • I would prefer minimagick for performance. I could put the rails-env-favicon in all groups execpt production for example. The option of js will still be available, but the person has to remove it just before deploying to production.

Nice gem, however it wil be better if it was a middleware instead of js file

A cleaner way is to put all these in AssetHelper module, then include it in ApplicationHelper

I found this today : for postgresql

I like this type of games.

Posted to audible feedback for bash-scripts over 1 year ago

Don't forget to note that you should install : gnustep-gui-runtime
sudo apt-get install gnustep-gui-runtime

I just noticed that if you have many instances of this helper in the same page. it will concat all the sublinks together.

Posted to Beware of using default scope over 1 year ago

Creating new objects will have a pending state too.

Posted to Use UUID keys in Active Record over 1 year ago

Activerecord 4 support uuid by default.

Posted to Don't sudo npm over 1 year ago

You can chown the folder to a particular group (npm) for example. Then you can add the users that can install to that group, with this method you can have more 1 user able to install npm.

Posted to Don't sudo npm over 1 year ago

You will be locking /usr/local to a single user.

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