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Some additional explanation would be helpful.

  • What's the purpose of changing worktree? (I'm unfamiliar with the option, I've never needed to use it.)
  • Why are you calling the server remote origin? Seems more like "destination." (This could be very confusing to people users who aren't that familiar with git remotes.)
  • An explanation of the post-receive hook would be useful (I now get that after pushing you have to checkout on the remote to actually update the working dir but that wasn't immediately apparent).
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Let me know it the current edit contains any more glaring issues :)

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Thank you twolfsen, mysz! The tipper becomes the tipee. :) I'll rewrite this with (hopefully) more useful uses of git ls-files.

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And if you've already hit enter and the shell complains about your typo (gir e.g.), you can use carats to rerun with replacements.
$ gir clone No command 'gir' found, did you mean: [...] $ ^gir^git^ git clone

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