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good point. i've updated the code. Note to other readers, I previously used Match user, which would require more manual maintenance work as users come and go

Posted to Web Design in Communist China over 1 year ago

is it the same in cities? Some of your observations would seem to apply to rural areas in general, not China in general.

I'm speaking as someone who has been to rural areas in North America, but never to China, so i'm only guessing

Posted to Your first SPDY app over 1 year ago

thanks for the clear guide. i didn't realise how easy it is to set up a SPDY enabled server

Posted to Calculate billable days from git logs over 1 year ago

very nice! i'm totally going to steal and mod this. i'm always reconstructing billable hours through emails and chats. this is better

Posted to Return first true-ish value in PHP over 1 year ago

nice! PHP is getting almost as elegant as javascript. i love the new support for array and function dereferencing, array shorthand notation, and anonymous functions.

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