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You could also
class { 'apt': always_apt_update => true, }

Thanks for telling me about this, in return I signed up after clicking on your referral link :)

You will have to clear them once thought (once and for all :P)

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I prefer cmap w!! w !sudo tee %

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@kimiamania Thanks for spotting that :)

With ZSH (and maybe with Bash) you can have $? printed right in your PS prompt. That way you can't accidentally lose the data if you forget to echo.

Small typo ... you said DJANGOSETTINGSMODEL in the first mention of the env var. Another way that you did not mention is to pass in --settings=myproject.settings.production etc at the end of management commands that you would want to run in a different env. e.g. ./manage,py syncdb --settings=myproject.settings.production

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IE appearances on the inter-webs is dwindling ... soon enough there will be no IE, except to browse folders inside windows :)

You are probably better off with the following function

pretty() { pygmentize -f terminal $* | less -R }

Gives you more freedom to pass options like

pretty -l sh .zshrc   
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Some users live in emacs ... I prefer to live in a shell :)

@barnettjw Works too, I used to use lsof, but found fuser to be much faster.

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