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Posted to Clean up OSX .dotfiles over 1 year ago

As a workaround for various scenarios (file list too long, whitespace in filename, relative path used) I found the following worked better for removing the ._* files:

find "$(pwd -P)" -type d -exec dot_clean -m "{}" \;

Why not just use Rubocop to do it for you?
It will help you fix other issues with your code as well... ;-)

Posted to Helpful PHP Output over 1 year ago

@vfalconi I've used that one too!

Before switching from Firefox to Chrome for web development, I used to use FirePHP.
For a brief period I used Chrome Logger before going with a customized version of chrome-firephp

That way I could view the output both in Chrome and Firefox.

Posted to Helpful PHP Output over 1 year ago

I've always just used xDebug's ability to overload var_dump to do exactly the same.

I don't really see any advantage in creating custom methods for things PHP is already quite capable of doing all by itself...

Posted to Git pull with automatic rebase over 1 year ago

To set rebase as the default for existing branches you don't have to recreate or re-clone anything!

Just add it to the config using:

git config branch.YOUR_BRANCH_NAME.rebase true

(You may want to update your tip to include this information ;-)

It's a lot easier to just set rebase as the default using

git config branch.autosetuprebase always

As explained by khasinski

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