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Posted to Clean up OSX .dotfiles over 1 year ago

As a workaround for various scenarios (file list too long, whitespace in filename, relative path used) I found the following worked better for removing the ._* files:

find "$(pwd -P)" -type d -exec dot_clean -m "{}" \;

Why not just use Rubocop to do it for you?
It will help you fix other issues with your code as well... ;-)

Posted to Helpful PHP Output over 1 year ago

@vfalconi I've used that one too!

Before switching from Firefox to Chrome for web development, I used to use FirePHP.
For a brief period I used Chrome Logger before going with a customized version of chrome-firephp

That way I could view the output both in Chrome and Firefox.

Posted to Helpful PHP Output over 1 year ago

I've always just used xDebug's ability to overload var_dump to do exactly the same.

I don't really see any advantage in creating custom methods for things PHP is already quite capable of doing all by itself...

Posted to Git pull with automatic rebase over 1 year ago

To set rebase as the default for existing branches you don't have to recreate or re-clone anything!

Just add it to the config using:

git config branch.YOUR_BRANCH_NAME.rebase true

(You may want to update your tip to include this information ;-)

It's a lot easier to just set rebase as the default using

git config branch.autosetuprebase always

As explained by khasinski

Or... you could just mirror your repos on bitbucket (and cater to the taste of people who dislike github :-)

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