Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· rfsbsb

Firefox Shortcut for Drupal API

When you develop modules or themes for Drupal, you often need to check some function, class, or code snippet on Drupal API.

For those of you who use Mozilla Firefox there's a shortcut to access the API without the need to type all the API doc site. You'll just need a keyword and the term you want to search.

So, in your Firefox go to Bookmarks menu and then Show All Bookmarks. It will open a new window with all your bookmarks.

Now right click on one of the bookmarks section (I use unsorted bookmarks) and choose new bookmark. Fill the field as follows:

  1. Name: something like Drupal API
  2. Address:
  3. Keyword: fill with a keyword you would like to use to invoke the api. I use dapi (shortcut for drupal api)

Save it.

Maybe you noticed that in the address field we used a %s in the end of the line. This is the placeholder for what you will type after the keyword you used.

That's all. Now you can go to your address bar and type something like:

dapi hook_menu

It will lead you to Drupal API page for hook_menu function.

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Great Tip!

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