Last Updated: November 29, 2017
· thedevsaddam

Live wallpaper changer for ubuntu. Inspired from chrome momentum extension


Live wallpaper changer for ubuntu. Inspired from chrome momentum extension


Open terminal ( ctrl+alt+t ) and go to Downloads directory

cd ~/Downloads/

Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/thedevsaddam/ubuntu-live-wallpaper.git

or download the zip file manually and unzip to Downloads directory

Change permission to 777

sudo chmod -R 777 ubuntu-live-wallpaper

Open crontab in edit mode

crontab -e

Copy the line below and paste
bash */5 * * * * python /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/Downloads/ubuntu-live-wallpaper/wallpaper-changer.py
Replace YOURUSERNAME by your user name.

Note: To get username type whoami in interminal

The Cron job will run the script every five minutes and change the wallpaper. You can configure the Cron job to change the refresh time.

If you want set wallpaper category and tag
bash cd ~/Downloads/ubuntu-live-wallpaper/
then run the command below:

./wallpaper-conf.py category=category1,category2 tag=tag1,tag2

Available category

  • food
  • nature
  • people
  • technology
  • buildings
  • objects

Note: Tags are the keyword to find specific wallpaper in a category. Please use some relevant tag with category. DO NOT USE MULTIPLE CATEGORY WITH MULTIPLE TAG

Good example of custom configuration is given below:
./wallpaper-conf.py category=technology tag=mac,ipad

./wallpaper-conf.py category=nature tag=sea,river


  • Detect largest resolution among the connected monitors
  • Change wallpaper by season
  • Change wallpaper by morning, mid-day, evening and night
  • Easy installation



The Ubuntu-live-wallpaper is a open-source application licensed under the MIT License.