Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· alanho

Google Analytics API - Default Segments List

Quite often I need to do some quick data export and couldn't find this list in their documentation. I'm just too lazy to pull this list using API everytime.

Btw, the API is

gaid::-1 All Visits
gaid::-2 New Visitors
gaid::-3 Returning Visitors
gaid::-4 Paid Search Traffic
gaid::-5 Non-paid Search Traffic
gaid::-6 Search Traffic
gaid::-7 Direct Traffic
gaid::-8 Referral Traffic
gaid::-9 Visits with Conversions
gaid::-10 Visits with Transactions
gaid::-11 Mobile Traffic
gaid::-12 Non-bounce Visits

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A default segment for Tablet Traffic is now available, gaid::-13

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