Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· rajadain

Go to TargetProcess card in Firefox

We use TargetProcess at work, and frequently I have to go to any given card whose number I've just been told. This is a handy JavaScript snippet that can be loaded as a Firefox bookmark with a shortcut keyword.

When viewing with Firefox, click Ctrl+D to bookmark this page. Then click Ctrl+B to bring up the Bookmarks menu, and right click to edit the just created bookmark. In the Location textbox paste in:


And replace with the URL to your instance of TargetProcess. Add tp as a keyword. Now you can use it by typing

tp 12345

In the location bar in Firefox. Also, you can quickly jump to the location bar using Ctrl+L.

Unfortunately, this only works with tabs that already have pages, not with the new tab page, because it is executing that JavaScript and cannot execute it without there being a DOM model in place. When I figure out how to run it with the new tab page I'll update this protip.