Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· lfzawacki

Speeding up your Gradle tests

Speeding up your Gradle tests

More information on the github gist:

You can follow these steps to make your life easier and faster when using gradle to test your projects, I'm using this to hack away in BigBlueButton

  • Setup gradle build to use the daemon, like explained here:
  • Install the package inotify-tools
  • Create the script on your project folder.
  • Run the script included in this gist like this:

    $ sh "srcfolder/ -r"

  • "srcfolder/" should be the path to your code's folder

  • Tests should now running automatically (and quicly!) with each code change


You can user Auto-reload for firefox and configure it to track build/reports/tests/index.html and keep a Firefox window permanently open with the test results.

You're done :)