Last Updated: July 29, 2018
· Brian Zeligson

Quick & Dirty, Complex, Simple

Quick & Dirty is often used interchangeably with "the simplest way possible." Quick & Dirty is a good thing, but it's more accurately represented as "not overcomplicating." It's a good execution strategy, and speeds up delivery. In order to yield effective software (necessary for longevity of product, preventing an eventual slow-to-halt of delivery,) Quick & Dirty needs to be paired with Simple. "Not overcomplicating" is only part of the way to Simple. It happens in spec and scope. Simple picks up where Quick & Dirty leaves off, and happens in the software design and architecture, in the implementation. It's not easy, or "faster now", it is "faster later," and even "still existing later." It's necessary.

Get your delivery speed from Quick & Dirty by limiting scope and simplifying spec, get your longevity by simplifying implementation, slowly and deliberately.