Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· chouseknecht


AngularForms makes it easy to build forms for your AngularJS app. Create forms as JSON objects, and let AngularForms generate, compile and inject the HTML into your app, complete with Angular directives, validation and Twitter Bootstrap styling.

Use simple key:value pairs to describe your form in a JSON object. Text, password, email, number, textarea, select, checkbox and radio input types are all supported. There's support for radio groups, checkbox groups and JQueryUI spinners, with more on the way. Describe the details of each input field including: CSS classes, html attributes and any valid Angular directives. Add a couple buttons, and done!

AngularForms has baked-in, real-time support for Angular input validations including: maxWidth, minWidth, required, number, min, max and pattern. You can also perform custom validations and provide feedback on form submission.

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