Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· joshjwalker

Laravel: From Apprentice to Artisan

I just started researching Laravel, and holy cow does it look awesome. Unfortunately, can't use it until we start our next project. However, I did read the book by Taylor Otwell outlining the Laravel framework, and I can say that it has been rather enlightening. I have been struggling with SOLID object oriented programming, especially dependency inversion. The first chapter of this book helped explain it in a way that made more sense than most of the examples I was able to find online. I would suggest giving it a read, if not for the sake of Laravel, then for the sake of helping to learn OOP concepts :)

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Hey Joshua,

I'm new to Coderwall and this was one of the first posts I stumbled upon, I've actually written a blog post recently on some of the top books for learning Laravel 4+:

I've included the one by Taylor as well, and another one he's working on. Laravel is pretty sweet, but does require a bit of patience and focus to get it going. :)

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