Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· corysimmons

Open Source to Github, Work Projects to BitBucket, All from Github for Windows

Github is really popular because it's so easy to use, so I'm going to put all my open source stuff there, and all my work-related projects for clients on BitBucket because it offers unlimited free private repos.

I really like GUI's. A little config and it saves me the headache of writing 2-3 lines every time I want to push. Plus, learning 2 languages (you could argue Git and Mercurial are languages) just to save stuff sucks.

Anyway, I like GUI's and Github for Windows is pretty sweet, so I wanted to use something similar for Bitbucket. I tried TortoiseHg, but realized I couldn't clone repos because they were git repos (BitBucket does Git too). THEN I realized, "Hey! These are git repos!", so I Google'd how to use Github for Windows with Bitbucket and came up with this gem:


In essence:

  • create a repo on Bitbucket
  • clone the repo anywhere on your system
  • drag the repo'd folder into Github for Windows

So easy and so nice. :)