Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· CasperGemini

Basic Developer Ninjutsu

Basically all coders needs to study and form a good habit to the power of the keyboard, especially the 4 letters on the lower left side which are Z, X, C, V. It's common usage for most expert programmers to take advantage of these quick keys. Here's what they do along with the control (CTRL) key.

CTRL+Z = Undo your last error (be careful with this as it might wipe out a long paragraph or a lot of work, but you can fix the last undo with CTRL+Y

Let's say you're doing programming and you want to delete certain sections, first you highlight the selection and then quickly use CTRL +X = CUT or delete selection. Basically a selection is required, otherwise the cursor can't really delete anything.

CTRL+C usually copies what you select so you can paste it in another area of your current project with the next command.

CTRL +V is the paste command, basically the concept behind the V is because it looks like the spout end of the glue tube which is why it's easier to remember to use this command to paste.

There are a lot of keyboard commands that you can look up on the internet, so you'll want to google the terms "Keyboard Shortcuts" minus the quotes of course.

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