Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· rock3r

Building Android apps on Ubuntu 13.10 x64

When you wanted to build Android apps (or the AOSP) on earlier versions of Ubuntu (64 bit), you always had the first build fail brutally with meaningless "file not found" errors.
This was usually easily solved by installing the missing ia-32libs:

sudo apt-get install ia-32libs

On Ubuntu 13.10 (64 bit), though, we're not as lucky. This is because Canonical has removed the ia-32libs from the 13.10 repos.

We should thus install the missing packages one by one, explicitly:

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 lib32stdc++6 lib32gcc1 lib32ncurses5 lib32z1

This should fix any issue you might be having, at least when building apps using the SDK.

Thanks to Jafar Qaddoumi for sharing!