Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· mgrassotti

Ember.js with jQuery Mobile

I want to write an ios app using phonegap + jqm + ember.js. Stop laughing. I'm sure I could code it in objective-c but my team knows ember and this is just an MVP. I'm optimizing for development speed over UX performance.

Nobody seems to be doing this. And out-of-box seems like jqm pages are at odds with ember views. So that's the first challenge: make jqm + page live together somehow.....

work in progress..

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Hi, I'm also in the process of evaluating phonegap + jqm + ember.js for an ios packaged app. Did you continue on this experiment? The worst thing I found with the tandem jqm and ember.js is that they have both a router which of course collide. Disabling the jqm routing system is also not really straight forward. Would love to hear about your experience on this...


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