Last Updated: November 02, 2017
· bmwant

Ansible retry task

Retry task 10 times with interval 1 second until return code of the command will not be 0. Ignore if even all tries will fail.

- hosts: all
  connection: local
      - shell: exit 1
        register: task_result
        until: task_result.rc == 0
        retries: 10
        delay: 1
        ignore_errors: yes

Also you can check another properties like task_result.stderr, task_result.stdout, task_result.changed and combine the into logical expressions.

To quickly check task on a localhost use following command:
ansible-playbook retry.yml -i localhost, (trailing comma should be present)

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This was exactly what I needed. However there is a logic error in the first sentence. It should read "... until the return code of the command IS 0."

over 1 year ago ·