Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· mutahhir

Problems with Coderwall for now

Warning: Not a pro-tip

I really like Coderwall, and this is why I'm going to write a little critique about the things I don't like as yet about the experience. In the hope that we can have a better experience.

Pro tips editing:

  • The swivel (which looks awesome!) needs a little bit of work where the elements following the text area don't faceplant on the preview text.

  • Maybe look into a javascript markdown editor made out of something other than a simple text area? I hate how the caret goes to location 0,0 whenever I preview or edit the title or anything. I know it's common, but it's a wish nonetheless. I can help with this. I've done it a few times. Also working on a non-coding/pro-writing editor in javascript in my spare time.

  • The back button does a history backwards operation. I think going back to maybe the Pro-tips wall or the dashboard would be a bit more ideal.

  • There are inconsistencies between the pro-tip +1 badges between the dashboard and the actual pro tip. Sometimes when I click on them, they show NaN rather than +1 the previous value.

  • Maybe have a save as draft mode?


  • I get kinda lost in the information overload on the dashboard, always looking at the first two screens and losing the rest. I think there has to be a better UI layout for the influx of information. This is not specific to coderwall actually, and a lot of sites showing information have this problem. In my twitter account, if I follow, say, @fastcompany, they have a tendency to mute all my other follows by posting tweet after tweet. I'd like there to be a better way to go back at the end of the day and read stuff people say without the noise. I guess maybe switching the articles around each time you visit would help?


  • Maybe be able to message someone other than in comments to their pro-tips?

I love coderwall, I really do. The design is awesome, the concept is nice, and I'd like this to really prosper. Hence this.

Just so that I'm not all talk and criticism (which is really easy!), I am willing to help you with any front-end development that I can make time for in order to make coderwall better (which will be harder!).

Thanks and keep up the great work.

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