Last Updated: March 02, 2016
· cleechtech

Get blogging with node.js and wintersmith

I had a ghost blog but felt silly paying $10 a month. Now I enjoy blogging about things I make. We will create a blog using wintersmith.

Generate blog and install

$ npm i -g wintersmith
$ wintersmith connorsblog
$ cd connorsblog
$ wintersmith preview

So now we're happy, we have a static blog. We're a little peeved because there's no apostrophe when blog is in fact possessive, but computers -- what can you do.

Do not add git yet.

Add author

Go into contents/authors/<your_name>.json. So I made a connor.json and it looks like:

  "name": "Connor Leech",
  "email": "",
  "bio": "Connor made this blog"

Create an article

They are called articles, not posts. It is a blog article in wintersmith, not a blog post. Enough of that. We will create a new article. There are many example articles in the blog template with notes about how to use wintersmith. Score. +1

$ mkdir articles/my-first-article
$ touch contents/articles/my-first-article/

Our article file looks like:

title: My First Article on Wintersmith
author: connor
date: 2015-09-22
template: article.jade

Hello everyone.

> I am so excited to have a customizable free blogging platform where I can

###### Write in 


and write **javascript** and *jade*

You have made an article on your blog! Now start customizing and writing.


$ wintersmith build


Kind of a pain. May the force be with you.

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